Smokin' Hot Salsa

Dance Course for Women 40+

A feel-good 6-week program to bring your sexy back, love your body, and harness your inner goddess - all through salsa dancing.

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What our students are saying...


I only started dancing when I was 55 years old. I took a trip to Cuba and became so inspired that when I returned, I went online to look for salsa lessons and found Kimberly. I got hooked immediately and absolutely love it. For me to be able to participate at my age was so meaningful. After taking classes, I gained so much confidence in myself, I’m happier, I have better balance and coordination, and my mind to muscle memory has improved significantly. Kimberly is the most approachable, most understanding instructor that there is - especially for beginners. She invests so much in her students and they don't have to feel awkward or like they can't get the step because she is always encouraging and reassuring. Kimberly is clear in her instruction and instinctively knows where people are going to have trouble. I am proof that everybody can do this and it is never too late to start! Dancing salsa and bachata is going to benefit your life immensely.


After my marriage ended, I wanted to continue dancing but no longer had a partner to dance with. I found ladies salsa classes with Kimberly and to say I experienced a transformation would be an understatement. I feel more confident and more of a complete person. I don’t need to fill a void anymore because I have this whole part of me that makes me more complete. I feel self-actualized. Dancing takes me to a place of true joy. When you're 40 and you find yourself in the thick of a major life change that comes out of nowhere , it's a really beautiful thing to be able to reinvent yourself through dance. Additionally, to be able to connect with a community of women that come from many different backgrounds who share this same passion and drive is so meaningful, especially during a pandemic when you’re not out there meeting people. To anyone who is on the fence about taking Kimberly’s classes, I say go for it! Be brave and go out of your comfort zone, you won’t regret it.


When I turned 40 it was right at the start of the pandemic and I had a bit of a mid-life crisis because I realized that I’d been doing everything for everybody else for the better part of 2 decades. I always put myself last and forgot what I enjoyed and who I was as a person. When I found Kimberly’s classes, I was apprehensive as I haven’t danced in 20 years. However, the instruction was so clear and I was surprised how easy the steps were to pick up! It was also so wonderful to see all different shapes, sizes, and levels in our group of women taking the course. When I finished my first class, my kids said to me: “Mom, we haven’t seen you smile like that EVER.” That was enough validation for me to keep going and finish the 6 weeks. Being able to take that hour to reconnect and spark joy and do something just for me was so meaningful. It was just a really simple way to give myself a gift to improve my life. I highly recommend this class for anyone who has been feeling the same!


I started dancing salsa with no real dance experience. After taking these classes, I gained a lot of confidence and progressed fairly quickly right off the bat thanks to the detailed instruction. Since joining, there have been countless benefits in my life. I am a happier, more balanced, and a more physically fit person. I am a better person for my family, friends, and colleagues. Dancing salsa is something that I would now never compromise or give up. My advice to anyone on the fence: Conquer your fears! Don't not do it because you're afraid of not being good or of what you will look like. Dancing is an amazing way to experience life. There is no time better than the present because we are only getting older and more sedentary if we don’t take action. At the end of the day, do you want to have a life where you just sacrificed for everybody else? Make yourself a priority, make the time, and don't be afraid. You won’t regret taking the time out for yourself and your overall well being.

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